America’s Greenest Companies

green companiesAmerica progresses toward a greener future every day, but some do so faster than others. These green companies should be seen as the trailblazers and front-runners in the ongoing push for better energy efficiency, reduced waste and a cleaner environment.

Allergan is a health care company committed to environmental awareness and efficiency. This company is perhaps best-known for botox – a market predicted to exceed $2 billion by 2018 in the US alone. This potential for growth makes Allergan’s dedication to eco-consciousness even better news. Allergan started several energy efficiency projects and improved their waste management strategies drastically in recent years. A new solar panel installed at their Irvine, California HQ reduced electricity consumption by 11% from 2011 to 2012. On top of working within their own company to stay green, Allergan participates in numerous programs to help other companies improve their energy efficiency.

Adobe is a true pioneer in green strategies for Fortune 500 companies. Their significant investments in renewable energy technologies yielded multiple innovative strategies for powering many of their own facilities. Adobe is one very few of their size with a goal of total carbon neutrality by just 2015, and they have inspired many with their remarkable green building standards.

The next three names on Newsweek’s rankings are all materials manufacturing companies, which is undoubtedly a bright sign of things to come. Ball Corporation, Ecolab and Sigma-Aldrich rank 3-5, and should each be honored for their contributions to energy efficiency and sustainability. These green companies scored 70% or higher in energy productivity, 75% or higher in carbon productivity and 76% or higher in water productivity.

Ball Corp. uses their considerable influence in an impressively influential and positive manner. Several environmental initiatives this company involves itself in work tirelessly to improve efficiency abroad.

Ecolab uses their innovative and eco-conscious technologies to help other companies as large as PepsiCo to improve their company standards.

Sigma-Aldrich showed impressive dedication in reducing their water consumption in recent years, and also created a remarkable project that helps them to identify chances to reduce carbon emissions and fuel consumption by using the sea instead of the sky for shipping.

This constant, positive change inspires many companies to improve their sustainability efforts, and Class-G is proud to help by offering low entry barriers for certification and guidance for improved energy efficiency and sustainable management strategies.

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