Every Organization Needs an Environmental Management System

environmental management systemsAn Environmental Management System (EMS) helps sustainable businesses implement systems that help reduce an organization’s impact on the environment while improving operating efficiency. An EMS is comparable to a financial management system, but instead of measuring expenditure, income and financial performance, an EMS helps an organization meet sustainability goals, comply with environmental regulations, and improve health and safety for both employees and the community.

EMS Features

Every EMS has the following features:

  • They process, review, and improve an organization’s environmental goals, while analyzing long-term and short-term environmental impact – as well as how the company is meeting legal requirements.
  • They create programs that will help the company meet targets and track and measure the results.
  • They improve employee awareness and competence in environmental issues.
  • They allow companies to continuously make improvements to their sustainability efforts.

Benefits of Having an EMS

There are many benefits of having an EMS, including the ability to help organizations:

  • Minimize environmental impact
  • Reduce waste
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Make the most of all available resources
  • Improve corporate image, performance, and profit
  • Improve compliance
  • Increase employees’ understanding of the importance of environmental concerns and the extent of their own, individual actions

Sustainable businesses who want to manage their efforts and ensure they are meeting compliance requirements need an EMS. These systems remove the complications that often come with monitoring objectives and compliance requirements. This results in faster achievement of sustainability goals, including lowering costs and reducing environmental impact while avoiding fines and government intervention.

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