Water Cooler Talk: Water Coolers or Filtered Water Fountains

filtered water fountainsLast year, Americans consumed more than 9 billion gallons of bottled water, according to the International Bottled Water Association.

That’s an average of 30 gallons consumed for every person in the country, and an awful lot of plastic bottles being unceremoniously dumped in landfills from Maryland to California and everywhere in between. If only there were some tools to help people use fewer water bottles.

There are.

As bottled water consumption has increased throughout the United States, so, too, has awareness among schools, local governments and businesses about the problems associated with bottled water, including the greenhouse gasses used to produce the plastic bottles, the carbon dioxide associated with hauling them to landfills, and the loss of green spaces to landfills.

To help make it easier for people to cut back on the number of plastic bottles they use, more and more businesses, schools and government agencies are installing either water coolers or filtered water fountains in their buildings. Both provide convenient ways for people to find places to refill their water bottles rather than buying new ones all the time.

If people use them, both water coolers and filtered water fountains are better for the environment than having everyone buying new bottles of water every time they finish one. What are really cool are the filtered water fountains that come with a tracking system that counts how many bottles of water are saved each time the fountain is used.

Today’s modern filtered water fountains are much more than just a place to refill your water bottle. They’re billboards for the environment, equipped with sensors that measure how much water the fountain has distributed and the corresponding number of water bottles it would have taken to dispense that much hydration. The fountains flash a number that represents how many water bottles have theoretically been kept out of landfills.

People using the fountains get instant gratification on two fronts: They get their fresh, filtered water, and they get to see the direct impact they’re having on the environment.

It’s a win-win and a great way for a company to earn extra points for their online sustainability certification. An online sustainability certification, like the one from Class-G, shows the world that an organization is committed to being a good steward of the community’s natural resources. And thanks to innovations like bottle-counting filtered water fountains, it’s never been easier to achieve.

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