The Buildings Are Eco-Friendly but Is the Fleet?

Delivery Vans FleetWhen working toward an online sustainability certification, most businesses focus on ensuring that their buildings are eco-friendly. However, there is another sector that has a significant impact on the environment: the fleet. Through a few simple steps, any business looking to maximize their rating with an online sustainability certification can change the way they run their fleet to become more eco-friendly.

Moving Away from Fossil Fuels

Whenever possible, companies should consider eliminating fossil fuel entirely by switching to vehicles that run on electricity, propane, hydrogen, or CNG.

Reducing Fuel

In the case that the above is impossible, businesses can still reduce their fossil fuel use by upgrading to newer vehicles with lower CO2 emissions.

Route Planning

Before setting out, drivers need to plan their route. Examining maps carefully may reveal a new shortcut, and checking traffic on sites like Google Maps can help avoid areas of congestion. These seemingly small changes can add up for a big impact over time.

Servicing Vehicles

Regular servicing ensures that the company gets the best environmental performance from their vehicles. For instance, something as simple as the wrong tire pressure can make a huge difference to fuel consumption — a 25 percent deflation can increase fuel consumption by 2 percent. This is another thing that seems small in the short term but quickly adds up.

Efficient Driving

Aggressive driving, speeding, and hard braking all lead to greater use of fuel and therefore higher carbon emissions. The best way to promote fuel-efficient driving is by recording and analyzing the fuel consumption of individual drivers. Businesses should then educate those who are contributing to high fuel usage and can set up a reward program to encourage all drivers to help minimize fuel consumption.

The fleet is one area of a business that has a great impact on the environment. By implementing the above simple changes, companies can ensure their fleet is as eco-friendly as their buildings, setting them on the right track to improving an online sustainability certification rating.

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