Green Building Certification Made Easy

class-g sustainability plaqueMany organizations and businesses today are becoming more environmentally aware than ever before. Clients and potential investors, too, are beginning to favor organizations that facilitate green building initiatives and sustainability measures. Earning a certification for fostering an eco-friendly environment is important for many organizations. With the help of Class-G, you can easily gauge the sustainability efforts of all your locations and earn certifications to demonstrate it online.

Maximize and Promote Sustainability

Thanks to the various tools and resources provided by Class-G, it’s much easier to develop a comprehensive approach to sustainability for virtually any organization, especially those with multiple locations as these are even more difficult to manage. With Class-G, companies can acquire valuable insights about how to boost your environmental efforts and receive recognition for your organization’s pre-existing facility eco-friendly endeavors. Your organization’s positive endeavors will be also published online by Class-G, alongside hundreds of other prominent, green-certified locations.

Fair, Simple and Affordable Certification

In as little as 60 minutes you can get a measured evaluation of the sustainability of each of your locations and be certified immediately. After completing a 100+ question checklist regarding your organization’s environmentally-friendly initiatives, a sustainability score will be calculated. Once completed, a plaque will be sent to you to proudly display at each location. While LEED certification demands overwhelming prerequisites to qualify, and an onerous amount of time and talent to accomplish, earning an objective certification through Class-G is a straightforward, efficient process.

No Costly Renovations Needed

Earning a LEED certification often requires thousands of dollars in renovations to any one location. Other times, LEED requires that a building be constructed to very particular standards before even being considered to qualify. For many organizations, this can be difficult if not impossible to accomplish, especially if the facilities are in existing buildings. With Class-G, your organization is evaluated by factors such as energy, water and waste reduction, air quality, materials used and more. The use of green building materials for roofing, insulation or infrastructure will also help you earn a higher rating. Simply using CFL light bulbs or recycling everyday office materials should be lauded and rewarded.

The best part is that you don’t need to spend an enormous amount of money to do a comprehensive sustainability evaluation. With Class-G, everything can be done online. Class-G aims to ensure every organization receives the recognition they deserve for improving the environment. Any effort, big or small, is worth applauding.

Showcase your commitment to a better environmental future by earning a sustainability certification through Class-G. You will attract new clients, employees and investors to your organization by simply helping to make the world a cleaner, healthier place. Moreover, you will identify dozens and dozens of sustainability initiatives that you can accomplish in any of your locations that will save you money. Besides saving the planet… saving money is what sustainability is all about.

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