Green Building Materials – Selection and Criteria

green buildingWhen building or remodeling a structure, it is important to select green building materials for your project to ensure you meet the requirements for a green building certification. Fortunately, many of the products in today’s marketplace meet EPA standards for green certification while providing durable and aesthetically pleasing options for your project. In order to meet green standards, materials are evaluated using the following criteria.

Indoor Air Quality

To receive a green building certification, materials must provide customers with the highest standard for indoor air quality. This means minimal chemical emissions with few or no carcinogens. These products resist moisture, reducing the likelihood of mold growth. Additionally, they can be successfully maintained and cleaned with minimal chemical treatments.

Reusable or Renewable Resources

Green building materials are made from either recycled or renewable sources, which reduces deforesting and waste. Additionally, these items are often manufactured or harvested locally and can be broken down and reused, completing the Life-Cycle Assessment. To meet these criteria, materials must be certified by an independent third party.

Energy Efficiency

Green materials reduce the amount of energy consumption required to operate a home or office. They incorporate alternative forms of energy, thermal efficiency, load reduction and energy waste reduction to minimize the energy footprint of a home or office. Furthermore, these products are manufactured using energy efficient technology and methods.

Water Conservation

Water efficiency is particularly important in commercial structures. To meet green building certification, products must have been manufactured using techniques that prevent pollutants from entering into the local water supply. Products reduce water waste by managing internal systems for maximum efficiency and use.  These materials will also assist with the recycling of non-potable water for use in site irrigation systems.

For more information about green building certification, contact us at Class G.

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