Air Filtration Systems: Worth the Cost

green business certificationInvesting in an air filtration system for your business can be a costly venture in the short term, but has many long term benefits for the health of both your business, as well as the people you employ. It can also be one step in the right direction towards a green business certification that will show your commitment to sustainability to both stakeholders and clients alike.

First off, a properly maintained HVAC system is very important to efficiency. When existing filters become clogged with dust, dirt, and debris, the entire system is forced to work harder to push air through it. As a result, the system will require more energy to run, and will invariably result in higher monthly heating and cooling bills. An air purification system can certainly help with this issue; by taking impurities out of the air, filters do not clog as rapidly.

In an industrial setting, air purifiers can be even more important. Often mechanical and manufacturing processes give off harmful fumes or exhaust. These chemicals are not only bad when inhaled by employees or customers, but can be harmful to the environment as well – contributing to land and air pollution. An air filtration system can help contain these impurities from the office, as well as the ecosystem.

Air filtration in a business can also help in other ways. Removing irritants and dirt from the air can improve the comfort of the business environment, and lead to healthier and more productive employees. For businesses that are frequented by customers will provide a noticeably cleaner experience for them.

Class-G has made it possible for any business to receive a green business certification without spending a fortune. Class-G not only gives you credit for practices already in place, but also provides ways for businesses to improve green practices across the board.

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