Ideas for Shipping Practices for a Green Company

green certification businesses shippingYou would be hard-pressed to find a company that could not benefit in one way or another from using green practices in one or many parts of their distribution chain. Very often, this distribution chain involves shipping of some kind, which can prove to be difficult to optimize. However, properly implementing green shipping protocols can save on energy consumption, and translate into dollars in the long term.

Here is a short list of green shipping practices that can improve sustainability and profitability in the long and short term, and can lead to an inexpensive and meaningful green certification for business:

  1. Route optimization: Ensuring all shipping uses the best route possible will decrease fuel usage, and result in less air pollution. Use of one of the many options in delivery route software can help plan efficient routes and make changes on the fly. You can also pair shipping needs with correct vehicles and ensure packages are stocked by location. Use return trips for pickups whenever possible.
  2. Better delivery practices: The United States Postal Service has stated that one of its largest green initiatives is the encouragement of foot deliveries among their employees. Encourage your employees to park their vehicle, and simply walk the deliveries when possible. This also promotes employee health by exercise.
  3. Minimizing waste: One very critical way to minimize the amount of waste used during shipping is to go digital. Updating equipment for electronic signatures can allow for more efficient tracking as well as delivery confirmation – without any paperwork. Use smartphone applications like those from JumpStart Wireless to enable your field staff to exchange information with the home office – without having to come into the office and transfer paper forms to computer data. This improves productivity and enables quicker billing for better cash flow.

Class-G offers a green certification for business shows how much you value sustainability to your clients, customers, prospects, vendors and community. Class-G enables anyone to get their business certified based on current practices, in addition to suggesting green practices to further increase sustainability.

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