Sustainability Certification: Economics and Environmental Issues Don’t Have to Clash

sustainability certification economicsMany times debates will stage environmentalism as uneconomical, but even low level sustainability certification can be an affordable approach to participation in helping the planet. A building does not have to get LEED certified in order to take credit and enjoy the benefits of going green. Every business can play a part in helping improve the environment and help its own financial situation at the same time by cutting costs on energy and waste. 

Sustainability Certification 

One of the biggest arguments against LEED certification, the highest sustainability certification available to businesses, is that it is cost prohibitive. Renovating buildings to be more environmentally safe can require extensive replacement of toxic materials with green materials. A more affordable option for smaller companies or businesses that cannot afford massive renovation is Class-G, which is an online sustainability self-certification platform. The goal of the platform is to provide sustainability tracking so that businesses are aware of which environmental improvements need to be made to a building.

Any business can qualify for this environmental improvement system that allows them to measure, track and enhance sustainability over time. Class-G is an affordable easy-to-use platform run by sustainability experts. The company provides transparency by allowing people to comment on each sustainability claim. Tracking is done for all locations on one dashboard, which can help a company determine which locations need better practices. The platform comes with tools that allow employees, customers and stakeholders to communicate. Class-G provides certifications through a simple online process. It allows a company to monitor measurement levels for air, health, energy, water, materials and waste reduction.

Green Benefits

There are many benefits to going green including reducing waste, creating better energy efficiency, removing harmful chemicals and making health conditions better. One of the biggest factors that every business should be concerned with is reputation. A growing sentiment across the entire world is that businesses need to be more environmentally responsible. Gaining sustainability certification, even at an entry level, helps a company’s reputation among clients and the rest of the business community. This credibility is important for corporations with multiple business locations.

Measurements are based on a simple checklist that takes under an hour to complete. The checklist offers three categories: Yes, No and Wish list, a feature that allows a business to prepare for future sustainability goals. The certification is issued as a plaque that can be posted for customers to view.

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