Sustainability: Applications that can Re-use or Use Reused Water

sustainability waterTo improve the sustainability of any business, you might consider all of your practices regarding the water your business uses. Implementing applications that can reuse water, or use reused water, can save you money while also making your business more environmentally conscious. 

Recycled water is categorized as potable and non-potable, both approved for use in different applications. Here is a short list of ways in which a business can conserve the use, and reduce the waste, of water, improving financial stability, as well as enhancing environmental sustainability for all.

  1. Agriculture: Generally speaking, one application for non-potable recycled water is in many types of agriculture. You can apply this to any type of business – even if you are not doing any farming. For example, chances are you do use things like sprinkler systems for lawn upkeep. Recycling water in this way allows for redistribution in natural ground water after use.
  2. Industry: Many industrial processes and equipment rely on water as a means of cooling, making this a very efficient way to recycle non-potable water sources. Conversion over to steam power when possible is another great way to reuse water.
  3. Plumbing: Most recycled water can also be used in plumbing applications. Here, the non-potable and potable water is separated, providing clean drinking water while using its less processed cousin for things such as evacuating toilets or large drains.

Class-G has allowed any business the benefit of being certified as sustainable without using large amounts of capital. Not only will Class-G give you credit for the sustainability practices you already have in motion, but they will also give you suggestions where and how to improve the green practices of your business – and help you track this over time.

Having a valid, third-party green certification shows stakeholders – including investors, employees, vendors, customers and the surrounding community – your commitment to the environment. It’s good for the planet, it good for people, and it’s good for business.

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